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Bakersfield College planning to close major parking lots

Lot expected to be closed March 12th to April 27th
Posted at 5:21 PM, Mar 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-09 20:21:16-05
Bakersfield College students are upset BC is closing a major parking lot next week.
BC’s maintenance and operations director Bill Potter said, joining lots are P6 and P7, near the football stadium, will be closed for renovations from March 12th to April 27th. 
Potter said it’s the first of all the lots that are getting renovated as part of Measure J, passed by voters in November 2016. He said all the lots will be closed, renovated and opened in time for fall semester.
“The schedule was well thought out in which lots in which order they should go into, disrupts students, faculty, staff and the community as, the least disruption we can cause,” said Potter.
However the students disagree with the scheduling.
Sarah Alame said, “Closing the parking lot mid-semester is a very bad idea, because already we’re not able to find parking as it is.” 
Lizette Gallo said, “If we’re coming to school and there’s no parking, where are we suppose to park? We’re going to be late to all of our classes.”
Andy Caldrone said,  “Yes, definitely. It’s going to be like a nightmare for the next week or so.”
Potter said his staff told student about the change at the start of the year, and put up these sign earlier this month. Potter also said his staff could be out on Monday helping students to find spots on campus.
“The amount of students that are parking at our heaviest time of traffic there’s enough spots on campus so we won’t have to reimburse the students that have paid for parking spots, there’s still enough unused spots on campus throughout the day that they’ll be able to find a spot,” said Potter
And the students told 23ABC News they’re irritated at the adjustments they’ll have to make.
Brianna Aguilar said, “I’m kind of mad because it’s a lot farther away than I’m usually at.”
Alame said, “It’s just going to be a challenge to find a parking spot. I’m going to have to wake up earlier so less sleep for me.”
Potter said after Bakersfield College's parking lot projects are completed, the school will have an addition 200-300 parking spots on campus.
For a list of other Measure J project at Bakersfield College visit their project's website: