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Bakersfield College to host active shooter training

BC will host three classes Tuesday
Posted at 4:29 AM, Mar 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-06 07:29:35-05

Here’s your chance to get active shooter training. Bakersfield College is offering seven active shooter response training classes this semester, three of which are scheduled for Tuesday.


Bakersfield College Public Safety Chief, Chris Counts, said, the classes are part of the college's biannual training they've offered for a couple of years. He also said there are three things to keep in mind if you are in an active shooter situation, run, hide or fight.


“If you’re away from the shooting leave the area and warn people as you’re leaving,” said Chief Counts.


Chief Counts said Tuesday’s classes will focus on what past active shooter situations have looked like and what the gunmen did similarly. And he said the past situations can give people clues on their best ways to survive.


“We’ll explain to them, ok if an active shooter happened in this particular building this is what you may do. You know get them thinking, make them aware. We don’t want anyone paranoid, we just want awareness,” said the chief.


Chief Counts also said, tips from the class can help you in other emergency situation other than active shooter, like in case of a fire or earthquake.


Chief Counts said, “Situational awareness, where exits are in any building that you go into. Whether it’s the shopping mall, Target, Kohls, Bakersfield College, anywhere you go, know your exits.”


A spokeswoman for Bakersfield College said the classes are open to the public and the remaining classes are as followed:


Tuesday March 6, 2018 @ Indoor Theater:





Wednesday March 21, 2018 @ Indoor Theater: