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Bakersfield Condors player sends sportsmanlike text message after knockout

Posted at 8:40 PM, Oct 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-21 00:16:53-04

BAKERSFIELD. CALIF. --- — It was a stiff uppercut that sent Stockton Heat Forward Martin Pospisil into a gloomy haze Saturday night, but that's not what made it's rounds on social media.

Instead, it was a classy, sportsmanlike text message between Pospisil and Bakersfield Condors Center Colby Cave, that left the biggest mark.

Pospisil posted a portion of their conversation on Twitter Sunday.

"Hey buddy it's Cave from the other side, just wanted to reach out and hope you're ok buddy," the text message read.

The gesture comes after Cave and Pospisil threw several haymakers at eachother during the first quarter of the Condors, Heat game Saturday night.

"You're a tough kid and I respect a guy that stands up for himself. Hope you have a quick recovery buddy," Cave added.

Pospisil responded "Hey bud. I'll be alright. It was a good fight! Thank you for reaching out!!"

Hockey fans may have something to look forward to the next time these two play against eachother.

"Looking forward for rematch," Pospisil said in his Twitter post.