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Bakersfield pastor gives church vandals a second chance

Posted at 5:46 PM, Nov 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-01 20:46:43-04

A local church was vandalized last week with two people throwing rocks through the windows and messing up their offices. But, one pastor is doing something powerful instead of pressing charges. 23ABC's Adam Bowles has the story.

Will Gutierrez is known for music and praising God. 
He's the associate pastor at Higher Ground Church in Bakersfield.

"So worship, music, in general for me is just a way of just tuning everything out and just being at peace with the lord," Will says.

This peace, Will says is powerful to him, even if others run astray.
He shows us what he means.

"We find all this stuff we set up for our Halloween event. It was just all over the ground. Ranch dressing, everything and there was a big ole rock boulder that we also found on the ground and we just looked on over and this window was shattered open up top," Will says.

Will believes these two may be responsible for the damage. He says this happened last Sunday night. Two people can be seen on video. First, taking a picture and then throwing a rock at the church. A window is now boarded up. He is not calling the police or pressing charges.  He just wants to help the two in the video the way god has guided him.

"My whole thing is I went through some troubling times in my life where I was put into trouble. I had to do community service. I was arrested as a teenager," Will says.

He hopes the community can help him find these two. 

"Hey lets sit down, lets break some bread, lets have some lunch and lets talk about some decisions your making.  How can I help you for your life right now but for future mistakes you could be making," Will says.

He's hoping to share his own experiences with them, hoping to make a difference and change lives.