Bakersfield School District offers free summer meals to kids

Posted at 5:33 PM, Jun 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-08 20:33:06-04
The Bakersfield City School District is starting their summer feeding program.
They’re opening up locations all over Bakersfield to kids who need a meal for free.  
23ABC’s Adam Bowles went to one school to find out more about this program. 
Welcome to the serving line, where breakfast is from 7A.M. to 8A.M. and lunch is from 1P.M. If you are ages 18 and under, you don’t need any money for this line.  All you need is an appetite.
"We do it for the children that are going to summer school," Janette says. "But also all of the children who are at home that didn’t go to summer school that maybe don’t get enough to eat  in the summer time, we don’t want to forget about them.  We do have breakfast and lunch at eleven of our sites."
Eleven locations across Bakersfield where you can eat two meals per day every single day free of charge with sites opening June 12th to July 21st, and you don’t even have to be from the area to come!
"All kids, from anywhere, we don’t care where you live as long as your 18 or under we will feed you for free," Janette says.
And all the leftover food that’s not eaten is about to go to a good place.
"Trying to get one set up with the homeless center, the mission, some place like that," Janette says.
So, if your child is hungry this summer and don’t have the money to feed them,  you don’t have to worry anymore.
Here are a list of locations where the free summer meals will be given:
Curran Middle School
Franklin Elementary
Fremont Elementary
Horace Mann Elementary
Longfellow Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Pauly Elementary
Pioneer Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Sierra Middle School
Stella Hills Elementary
Thorner Elementary
Washington Middle School
Stiern Middle School