2 BARC programs shutting down

Posted at 9:19 AM, Feb 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-05 19:33:42-05

The non-profit BARC is officially shutting down two of its programs this morning.


Lack of funds shuts down two BARC special needs programs

BARC provides job training and employment to developmentally disabled people in our community.

BARC president  Jim Baldwin says the closure comes after *decades* of trying to stay afloat and operating at a loss for years- due to a lack of adequate state funding.

The two programs shutting down are BARC on the move and BARC packaging.

BARC on the move helps the disabled clients be more active by doing things like sitting upright, walking and interacting with others.

While BARC packaging provides jobs for the clients where they make labels, assemble brochures or pack boxes.

The nonprofit’s president says the program has been losing anywhere from three hundred to five hundred thousand dollars every year.

The problem with the state funding stems from a budget freeze that took effect in 1992 - but the cost of operating has increased every year since.

This morning assemblywoman Shannon Grove and other community leaders will meet to host a memorial to honor the two programs as they get ready to close their doors.

BARC says they would need a 10% increase in funding in order to stay open.

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