Bean Bag Baseball helps local seniors feel young

Posted at 5:51 AM, Sep 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-24 08:51:35-04

It's a game for the ages-- 

No, not Baseball, but Bean Bag Baseball. 

Over at the Carriage House Estate retirement home, a team of 19 players will face off in the 'World Series' of Bean Bag Baseball, Thursday. 

The game, similar to regular Baseball, is played with bean bags. The objective is to get your bag into one of the holes, or bases, attempting to score in the homerun hole. 

"You've got to go in with that winning spirit and we have it," said 99-year-old Jack Jones. 

The team, known as the Bulldogs, will be playing Walnut Park from Fresno. They will play three half-hour games and the winner will walk away with the championship title. 

"We have a three-foot trophy, which we are going to keep here," said Phyllis Adams, who helps organize the games. 

Despite the competitive nature, this game is helping seniors feel young, again. 

"It's a wonderful thing for people here, it keeps them interested in something and they are competitive," Jones said. 

"There were several people who had been down and didn't want to be included in things, but now they can hardly wait to get down to practice," Adams said. "It's just been a great thing."

The team plans to host a recruitment after today's 'World Series' games.