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Board of Supervisors vote against proposed music festival venue "Cal Centre"

Posted at 6:48 PM, Nov 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-07 21:48:13-05

Hopes for a music festival venue in Kern County was shut down for the second time Tuesday. 

The event was previously denied in by the planning department and Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors voted against it as well. 

"It's a speed bump in the road to success." said Daniel Rudnick, the applicant for CalCentre the proposed music venue. 

Daniel Rudnick, along with his father Phil Rudnick proposed the venue and made changes since being denied earlier this year. Instead of hosting eight events a year, they decided to host three in hopes of gaining a temporary permit. 

“There’s overwhelming support in our county to have this type of a project and we’re not letting go of that.”

Rudnick said the plan was to have the 255-acre venue at 7th Standard Road and I-5. 

He said music festivals held at that location would draw people to Kern County and generate millions of dollars. 

Many farm owners with land near the proposed site, however, spoke out against the venue. 

“We don’t have anything against the idea of a music festival we’re just saying there are better places to do it,” said Michael Frey a partner at the Buttonwillow Land & Cattle Company.

He spoke at the Board of Supervisors meeting. 

His land starts around one mile from the proposed venue. He's concerned about the traffic impacts in the area. 

He shared a video showing one hour of traffic near the proposed site on a random weekday afternoon. 

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"If you add this great influx of traffic from all these people it’s going to be unusable and it’s going to be a detriment to the folks that use these roads every day," said Frey.

Nearly a dozen people spoke out on each side of the proposal, but in the end the Board of Supervisors voted against it.

Rudnick said he's disappointed, but he's not giving up. 

“We didn’t come this far just to come this far we’re still going to advance the project, we have lots of different ways to do that and we’ll be discussing it with the supervisors, with the planning department, we’ve got lots of ideas,” said Rudnick.

All of the Supervisors said in their closing remarks that they were excited about the idea and used words like "sad" and "heartbroken" about not being able to support the venue at that particular location.