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BPD investigating man caught on video kicking dog

Posted at 2:08 AM, Jul 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-11 05:08:19-04

Bakersfield Police are investigating a video that shows a man kicking a dog in the driveway of a northwest Bakersfield home.

The surveillance camera on Mike Halcomb's home caught the incident on camera. He says he just installed his Ring camera system last week, which notified him that there was activity going on in his driveway. 

"It was just kind of an instant reaction for me to see someone out there hurting an animal just to run out," said Halcomb. "I just really wanted to come out here and intervene and stop the situation. I opened the garage and immediately ran out there half naked."

Halcomb says he offered to take the dog off the man's hands but he didn't have much to say and took off. 

Halcomb later posted the video of the incident on neighborhood apps Nextdoor and Neighbor hoping that someone would recognize him. 

"It was almost instantaneous as soon as it went out there there were neighbors coming out of their houses looking for the guy to see where he was, to see what house he was going into to try to find him," said Halcomb. 

One neighbor was able to identify the man in the video and reported him to authorities.

BPD says they are investigating the video and one animal has been seized in their investigation.