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BPD releases bodycam footage leading up to a fatal officer involved shooting

Jose Marcos Ramirez was fatally shot by police after stabbing his mother
Posted at 11:57 PM, Oct 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-28 02:57:14-04

The Bakersfield Police department released bodycam footage of a controversial officer involved shooting that left one man dead earlier this month. On Tuesday BPD released video of the altercation that led to the fatal shooting of 27-year-old José Marcos Ramirez. Officers responded to a call on the 500 block of Sonora Street after Ramirez stabbed his mother multiple times in the back. He then took off by foot with the knife in hand, that's when more people called 911.

Just before 9 am, video shows officers made contact with Ramirez, who was running Northbound on Baker St, South of East 18th street. Here officers say they used less lethal projectile foam bullets, which had no effect. After two attempts, Ramirez started walking towards officers yelling to shoot him. It was moments later that officers shot Ramirez, before he was transported to the hospital and died from his injuries.

And just after the shooting, 23ABC spoke with the family of the victim. His sister says Ramirez was diagnosed with schizophrenia, but he has never had a violent past. And she believes the outcome should have been different. She says, "one shot to a leg, or one shot to the hand, or shoulder is enough to disarm someone. He had four shots to his abdomen. No ones going to survive four shots to his abdomen.”

Earlier this month 23abc also spoke with the director of Kern Behavioral Health, Bill Walker who said officers that are dealing with a subject with mental health issues are supposed to call the Kern Behavioral Health Mobile Unit that’s contracted with police.

However, Sgt. Robert Pair with the Bakersfield Police Department says there are multiple factors that play a role in this. The first one being the availability of the MET team. Pair also says all officers are well trained in dealing with subjects with various psychiatric and emotional issues. And they are very cognizant that this is a community they frequently serve. He adds, “certain situations arise where communication and establishing that is extremely difficult. Whether that’s because of emotional issues, psychiatric issues, or anger "

All three officers are currently working desk duty before the department can determine if this shooting falls within their policy.