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Brawls fill Bakersfield schoolyards

Posted at 7:32 PM, Nov 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-17 15:35:26-05

Multiple fights broke out at two different high schools in Bakersfield Thursday. Some parents at North and Centennial High Schools picked up their kids early fearing for their kids' safety.


ABC 23 obtained cell phone video captured at both schools, which paints a picture of what happened.


At North High School the video saw the fights drew a large crowd and a lot of security guards. Students and parents from North High said the fights were racially motivated.  The Kern High School District wouldn't confirm that.


Rashilda Mitchell and her son moved into the district this year. She told us, "I don't want him to have fear and safety that he can't walk around the school campus without people attacking him based on the color of his skin. I think it's very disgusting in 2017 that stuff like this is still happening."


Students also said the North High was placed on lockdown, but district officials said that wasn't true.

Officials did confirm North High School's prep rally scheduled for Friday has been canceled.


Nana Tureheart, who also recently moved into the school district, said this violence is too much for her. She said, "[It] makes me feel like I don't want to be here. I'm probably going to switch schools soon, because nothing gets done here."


At Centennial High School there was also fights on campus. One video shows a student getting kicked in the face.


Centennial High School Junior, Casside Salcido, said "Like honestly, like we shouldn't be fighting, because there is literally no reason to. Over guys? No. You know what i mean, don't do stuff like just to be silly."


While Senior Ethan Nicholson said, "Why? What's the point to this? There's no point in more and more violence. There's already enough violence in the world. Why just add to the pool?"


In a statement from the district, their spokeswoman said, "North High School and Centennial High School will have additional security present [Friday] to ensure student and staff safety."


Both schools have half days of school Friday before breaking for Thanksgiving  next week.