New documents detail robbery of Brinks employee in Delano

Posted at 2:08 PM, Aug 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-17 20:00:49-04

Delano Police Officers are still trying to figure out who robbed a Brinks employee at gunpoint back in March.


The robbery occurred at a Chase Bank drive-up ATM on Main Street in Delano.


New court documents detail what took place during the robbery.


According to a search warrant obtained by 23ABC, the suspects pointed the gun at the employee's head and demanded $140,000 in cash while telling him to "get down" and to put his hands behind his back.


The suspects then zip-tied his hands and took the money and the guard's firearm.


Police are looking into leads but have not made any arrests at this point.


Delano Police issued a response to our previous article which has since been corrected.

"A Bakersfield news channel generated and reported an article that is titled "Brinks employee under investigation for Chase Bank robbery." The information that is contained in this news article was retrieved by reviewing months old court documents. The news channel that published this information about the Brink's driver, Corey Devonte Lee, took this information, isolated it from the rest of the investigation and published it completely out of context. This article attempts to make readers believe he is being targeted as a suspect. This is simply not true. Mr. Lee, like everyone else that was involved in this case, was investigated to eliminate him as a suspect. It's just as important to eliminate people from investigations than it is to prove their guilt. It is normal procedure in cases such as this to look into everyone's involvement.

The information contained within the article was not supplied by our Department as an official release and was obtained by this news agency combing court records for news stories. The news article implies the current state of our Department's investigation as targeting Mr. Lee as a suspect, which is false and extremely out of context.

We apologize to Mr. Lee for any troubles this may have caused he or his family."