Broken water main causes sinkhole near Coffee Rd. and Stockdale

Posted at 10:13 AM, Aug 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-15 15:41:26-04

UPDATE (08/15 11:35 a.m.): Traffic is moving well at this time near the broken water main that caused the sinkhole.

The apartment complex nearby continues to be under a precautionary boil water notice.  


UPDATE (08/15 10:25 a.m.): Crews working on the repair of the damage caused by the sinkhole are 90% done with the process. 

The repaving of the area and opening of the street could take several days.

The water is back on, however residents living in the apartment complex remain under a precautionary boil water notice. 

Crews also say the damage is not due to a sinkhole, but rather a main blowout. 


UPDATE (8/15 5:58 a.m.): Two lanes of northbound Coffee and one lane of southbound Coffee are still closed due to the sinkhole. 

Crews have been working through the night to repair the water main break.

Residents living in the apartment complex are still currently under a boil water order. 


UPDATE (08/14 1:05 p.m.): Subway restaurant and Starbucks near sinkhole both closed until Wednesday due to concern on water contamination. 

Southbound lane along Coffee Rd. now open. 


UPDATE (08/14 12:30 p.m.): Representative with the City of Bakersfield said businesses across the street from the sinkhole will not lose water. 

The representative also said pipes are being brought up from Los Angeles and workers will be repairing the sinkhole around the clock until it is fully fixed. 

Currently work is being done to install re-install water in nearby apartments. 


UPDATE (08/14 12:10 p.m.): Northbound Coffee Rd. is now open. One lane open at this time. 


UPDATE (08/14 10:21 a.m.): Southbound Coffee Rd. is also now closed as well. 

The sinkhole is roughly 20 feet in diameter and is encompassing at least 1/4 of Westfield Dr. 


A sinkhole has opened up near Coffee Rd. and Stockdale.

The sinkhole opened up due to a broken water main under the pavement, which happened around 8:10 a.m.

Lanes 2 and 3 off northbound Coffee Rd. from Stockdale to Westfield are closed. 

There is no estimated time on when it will open back up.