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Buck Owens' home is for sale

Posted at 7:24 PM, Aug 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-22 23:51:27-04

The country superstar lived in this Bakersfield home on Panorama Drive with his second wife Phyllis and three sons Buddy, Johnny and Michael.


On this 5,000 square-foot property, there is 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and a pool.

But, the most significant part of this home is the previous owner, Buck Owens.


“He had a lot of hit records when he lived in this house,” said music manager, Mitchell Styles


For six years, 1968 to 1974, Buck Owens was making music here.


“He would’ve been living here when he had his last solo #1 hit, Made In Japan,” said Styles. 


And while music was made, so were memories.


“Buck threw a fundraiser for then, Governor [Ronald] Reagan, and it was right in this area, there’s a picture at the Crystal Palace, that’s right in front of the fireplace right there of President Reagan and Buck shaking hands and talking,” said Styles.


That’s not the only memory made between Owens and Reagan, they even sang a duet together in the backyard in 1968.


“President Reagan said before he became an actor that he really wanted to be a singer, so buck went and grabbed a guitar and did a duet on “Act Naturally” one of Buck’s big songs, right about, right here,” said Styles.


Buck’s sons also had fond memories here with their dad, something nobody ever knew.


“A lot of people when they see this property, they think that buck may have parked his tour bus in between dates out here, or back in that garage,” said Styles. 


Instead, he would play basketball with sons in that garage.


“His son’s Buddy and Michael told me that there was never a tour bus here. They used that garage to play basketball in. both buddy and Michael chuckled when I called them and they mentioned that buck was a pretty tough basketball player,” said Styles.


Though they no longer live in this house. The memories of Buck, his music and his family will continue to live on throughout these halls.


“Buck is one of the top 5 country music artists of all time, I’ve been winning that discussion for 30 years with my arm behind my back and this is one of the places he lived and made hit records, it’s really a great property,” said Styles.


This house is being sold through Miramar International Realtor’s Shelly Murphy. You can contact her at 661-333-1467.