Saving water this winter? It's important!

Posted at 10:44 AM, Dec 15, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-15 13:44:22-05

Water companies are asking people to look at their water budget closely this time of year.

Neighbor Karen Gaul Wallace says now's not the time many are thinking about being water wise. "During the summertime I was much more on it, getting the water off immediately as soon as I turned it on," se said.

Companies like Cal Water say they didn't make the mandated 35% reduction in October and haven't seen November's numbers yet. Now they're crossing their fingers.

"Since it's rained things are greening up a little bit and it's not as much on our minds, when everything was brown, it felt like a badge of honor to have a brown lawn and dirty car," Gaul Wallace said.

Others aren't as concerned about conserving during a time when it's toughest to make the cut.

"As the seasons change and we cool off the budgets are going to shrink," Cal Water Spokesman Rudy Valles said.

When it comes to measuring your consumption. If you're a Cal Water customer you can go online and you can see your water budget, and you can see how much you've already consumed. It's harder to save water during winter because you don't use much water outdoors, which is where at least half of our water is used.
So you have to cut your usage in other ways, like doing less laundry.
In a few years if we get enough water to cancel restrictions it looks like our lifestyle won't be the same.
"Once we're back to normal, the governor is expecting everybody to conserve, to continue conservation practices," Valles said.

This is something residents say they aren't ready for, yet.
"I think it's hard to get people to conserve something they feel entitled to," Gaul Wallace said.