California attorney general stops in Bakersfield as part of state-wide tour

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Recently appointed Attorney General Xavier Becerra paid a visit to the United Farm Workers where he spoke with both labor leaders and farm workers.

Many of them worried over President Trump's immigration decisions. 

While speaking with the media, Becerra wanted to ease many immigrant families throughout Kern County. 

"Men and women. Older and younger. Citizen or immigrant. I will make sure I do everything possible as the attorney general of this state to make sure that the laws of this state are fairly enforced and that includes the Trust and Truth Act." 

He cited an act passed in 2014, limiting local jails from holding people for extra time just so they can be deported. Many of them arrested for minor crimes.

"We also have an obligation to make sure that people that are trying to do harm to our residents are either in jail or if they don't have documents, if they're violent and dangerous individuals that justice dispense with them as necessary."


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