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California ranks near bottom in high school sports safety

Study from UCONN CA scored 26 out of 100
Posted: 11:16 AM, Aug 24, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-25 01:10:03Z

California ranks near the bottom in high school sports safety.

A new study came out from the University of Connecticut, Korey Stringer Institute, ranking the 50 states plus Washington D.C. The study stated that California ranked 50th out of 51. 

The study showed California scored a 26 out of a possible 100. The study ranked the states on a scale of zero to twenty in five different categories; appropriate healthcare coverage, exertional heat stroke, emergency preparedness, sudden cardiac arrest and traumatic head injuries. California scored the highest on sudden cardiac arrest (10 out of 20) and traumatic head injuries (8 out of 20), while failing to score in appropriate healthcare coverage (0 out of 20) and exertional heat stroke (0 out of 20).

For more information on the study, you can visit their release :

The Kern High School District sent 23 ABC the following information when asked if they have policies in place:

An annual physical examination given by a licensed physician is required for a student to participate in interscholastic athletic competition. All students who participate as cheerleaders, song leaders, or athletes in organized competitive sports shall first undergo and file with the district a current medical examination given by a licensed physician. Upon sustaining an injury or serious illness, a student may be required to have another examination before participating further. 

Stan Greene at KHSD also said that California ranks low because the state is one of two that does not require certification of athletic trainers. KHSD does not have any certified athletic trainers, but instead have equipment managers who are trained like coaches in things like CPR, first aid, etc. There is also an assistant director of nursing who is a registered nurse, five registered nurses and one open positions, for an eventual total of 7 KHSD nurses.

Trainings were also offered to equipment managers in the district last year by Kern Medical, and portable AEDs were purchased for all 18 equipment managers as another level of safety. KHSD is also active with the Kern County Concussion Consortium in training coaches in concussions, Greene said.