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Cannabis education event scheduled for Monday canceled following marijuana dispensary raids

Posted at 10:23 AM, Feb 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-03 13:23:26-05

An educational event for cannabis patients that was scheduled for Monday has been canceled.

Organizers planned to highlight 'medical marijuana hero Brownie Mary' in a video. Mary Rathbun was nicknamed Brownie Mary in the 70's after she was arrested for distributing marijuana brownies to suffering aids patients in San Francisco hospitals. "Brownie Mary" is said to be one of the main reasons medical marijuana is legal.

However, the event has been canceled as a result of recent raids at marijuana dispensaries in Bakersfield.

In a statement, organizers canceled the event due to concerns for the safety of the participants.

"Friday's raids on four cannabis dispensaries in Bakersfield has forced Kern Cannabis Education Group to postpone this evening's event due to patient fears and our own concern for their safety. We are here to protect patients' rights and well-being," said the statement. "Patients who were prepared to speak to the media regarding medical cannabis are now prepared to discuss their fear of arrest in a county that has banned cannabis for all use with no consideration for patients' rights. As important as it is to share scientific information on the medical benefits of cannabis, we will not put our patients in harm's way."

A new date and location will be announced.