Suspect in Chuck E. Cheese shooting speaks

Posted at 5:41 PM, Apr 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-12 20:41:42-04
Cedric Inge, who was arrested in connection to a shooting outside the Chuck E. Cheese's on Saturday night, sat down with 23ABC in a jailhouse interview Tuesday morning.
He says he had his car in reverse and was leaving the restaurant when he heard gunshots.
"I seen an old couple, a sweet old lady and an old man, and they were like 'Oh my God' and I'm like 'get down ma'am'", said Inge.
"And I'm ducked down in my car. So when the shots stopped shooting, I drove off a little slow and the lady was like 'don't go, sir, don't go' and I'm like, 'I gotta go ma'am'."
Police stopped Inge before he pulled away. He says it might have been better if he didn't try to leave.
"It probably would have, sir, it probably would have," Inge said.
"If i had stayed like she would have said, I probably wouldn't even be here."
Inge says he was questioned about his involvement in the shooting.
"I don't even know who got shot. I don't even know who was shooting. I couldn't see anything," Inge said.
You can play the video footage and you can see I'm already walking. I'm going home to my babies. And that's when all the stuff transpired. I was nowhere right there."
He says one witness who saw the shooting told police that Inge wasn't involved.
"The video surveillance is not going to lie. And the officer who was arresting me, he told me, man, you know what man, i honestly think you're a good guy. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time."
Inge has been charged with assault with a firearm, conspiracy to commit a crime and participation in a street gang.
Inge was scheduled for arraignment this afternoon but the district attorney's office sent the case back to the Bakersfield Police Department for further investigation.
"Everything happens for a reason man," said Inge.
"You know. And i come from a praying family and they know everything is going to be ok. You know. God is going to do the justice, you know. That's how i feel. God know where my heart at."

23ABC reached out to the BPD regarding surveillance video. They said they do have video from the shooting but are not releasing it.