Centennial High participates in Great California ShakeOut

Posted at 6:26 PM, Oct 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-19 21:26:26-04

Centennial High School students and faculty were among the 10.5 million people who participated in the Great California ShakeOut on Thursday.

Schools and businesses across the state practiced how to drop, cover and hold on in case of an earthquake.

Californians are used to feeling tremors every now and then as it has thousands of faults considered to be dangerous. Since predicting earthquakes isn't really an option, being prepared for them is best.

"This could really save a lot of lives and could eventually save my life," Ethan Morrison Freshman at Centennial High said about the earthquake drills held at school.

The whole school stood still for about a minute and students got underneath their desks.

In the case of a real earthquake, the school would be evacuated onto the football field to have everyone accounted for.

"We also have sweep teams that go through every building that will make sure everybody is out," Assistant Vice Principle Chris Sanchez said.

The tips they learn during these drills come in handy. One student said they prepared him for one that happened last year.

"Last year there was an earthquake and I was kind of nervous at first then I went under my door because that was the safest place in the house... so that's where I went," Freshman Luke Froehlich said.