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CHP steps up enforcement for Labor Day Weekend

Extra enforcement this weekend
Posted at 5:12 PM, Aug 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-31 20:12:00-04

For many Labor Day Weekend is their last chance at summer fun. AAA estimated millions of motorist will hit the road this Labor Day weekend. Last Labor Day Weekend the Auto Club said almost 400 people were injured by a drunk driver.

This year officers said they will be out on the roadways like looking for dangerous drivers to keep travelers safe.

Carmina Milian is driving her two children and nephew from the San Fernando Valley to visit her parents in the Bay Area this weekend.

Milian said, "It's a long weekend and I can take some time off and go visit."
She said driving up The 99 is easier than flying.

"By the time you get to the airport, do all of that, it can almost be, you're almost half way there by that time. And also paying for four plane tickets it's more expensive than just driving," said Milian.

CHP officer, Sgt. Christopher Albanese, said this Labor Day Weekend officers will be looking for speeder, drunk drivers, and distracted drivers.

"Slow down. You know if there's more officers out there, that visual deterrent is usually enough to get those folks to slow down drive safely. We want them to get to and from those events in that three-day weekend as safe as possible," said Sgt. Albanese.

Hearing there will be extra officers on the road, drivers like Braulio Rodriguez and his co-pilot said during their drive from Modesto to San Diego, they will be sure to move over if they see an officer and continue their safe driving habits.

"No impact. We follow all traffic laws. We obey the state speed limit. Just to prevent any accidents from happening," said Rodriguez.

And for Milians this is a welcome early vacation away from the books.

"They don't have homework with them. But, we'll be back Monday, so they'll be back before school begins again," said Milian.

AAA also released a poll stating the top five travel destinations for Californians this weekend. They are:

1. San Diego

2. Las Vegas

3. San Francisco

4. Grand Canyon

5. Santa Barbara