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Christmas tree prices rising this year

Jump comes from economy issues during recession
Posted at 6:35 PM, Nov 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-27 23:10:35-05

As you hunt for a Christmas tree this year, you might notice the higher prices than last year. Jere White, owner of White Forest Nursery, says this is because of the recession.

During the recession, growers did not get the money they needed to replant. It takes anywhere from eight to 15 years for a Noble tree, the most common type of Christmas tree, to grow. Eight years later, this means customers are feeling the impacts of the lack of trees now.

“We’re going to have a shortage for two or three years where that gap was where they did not get replanted as much,” said White.

This decline in trees means of the crop they do have, prices will be higher. White says the cost for White Forest Nursery to buy trees from growers in Oregon rose about 25%, but they are selling them for only about 10% more than previous years.

White says there are still plenty of types of different trees to choose from that are more cost effective, like the Douglas fir.

He also has advice on how to take care of your tree once you do decide what type to get.

Most importantly, he says, are moisture and cool temperatures. Trees survive longer outside, so waiting to buy your tree is actually better. Once you do buy it, try to let it stay outside for a couple days, hosing it off frequently.

“Even if you buy a tree early, don’t be afraid to put it out in the shade put some water on it each day and it will absorb into those needles so it’ll be nice and plump and fresh and pliable,” said White.

Once you do bring it inside, he says to keep it in natural light and away from any heat sources.

“That involves having a spot that’s a little cooler; we’re not talking next to the fireplace. We don’t need that air vent coming down frying that tree,” said White.