Church staff says the idea for the sign came from spiritual beliefs and not political

Posted at 11:45 PM, Feb 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-05 02:45:04-05

If you're driving past Real Road on Stockdale Highway, the first thing you see is a sign for a church.

Just behind that sign another sign, one that Pastor David Stabenfeldt says has people talking.

“This sign much like Jesus's ministry asks who is my neighbor. And how do look at each other as neighbor,” said Stabenfeldt.

The words “Immigrants and Refugees Welcome” run across the sign.

Stabenfeldt says the sign was put in place just before Christmas this past year and well before President Trump's executive orders

Explaining to me that the decision was not influenced by politics.

“Everyone is loved. The word "all" is peppered throughout the gospel. There are no exception clauses,” said Stabenfeldt.

As we walked to the sanctuary Stabenfeldt explained how the staff saw nothing wrong with making it known their doors are always open.

Especially in a time with 65 million refugees scattered across the world.

“There's always room. We have people rich poor. We have people of white, brown, black. We have folk are straight and gay and trans. And we welcome all,” said Stabenfeldt.

Stabenfeldt saying he believes that diversity and their open door policy is part of what makes their congregation unique and special because in reality a sign is just a sign.

“The number of people whose lives have been transformed is incredible. Because not everyone believes or has ever felt that they were cared for,” said Stabenfeldt.