City disagrees on sale of P and Q Street

Posted at 11:42 PM, Apr 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-21 11:36:00-04

An update now to a story 23ABC brought you last month. Concern over what to do with the vacant property on the corner of P and Q streets, across the street from the Maya Cinemas.

"We have a councilmember intimately involved in negotiations," said council member Ken Weir, "this is a conflicted issue from the get-go. And how it cannot be a conflict of interest is beyond my imagination."

Members of the city council expressed their discontent tonight with talks to sell the empty lot on P and Q Streets -- right off California Avenue.

The property has been vacant for many years,

City council member Terry Maxwell wants the city to sell the property to Kern Health Care Systems but accuses the city of putting too many restrictions in their way, making it difficult for them to buy the property.

"As long as you've jumped through all these hoops, we'll then go ahead and let you have this piece of property," said Maxwell.

"That is not accurate, that is not accurate I'm sorry," said City Manager, Alan Tandy.

"Well, it is, Alan.

"It is not."

"You have your opinion, I have mine," said Maxwell.

"I have written documents that prove it conclusively. I'm happy to show you."

Kern Health Care Systems approached the city several months ago, showing interest in building an office complex.

According to the city,  the health agency has refused several requirements in order to buy the property.

on Wednesday night, council could not agree on moving forward with negotiations.

 "It doesn't necessarily pass the smell test. I don't want the perception of a backroom deal and hurt the public's opinion of transparent government," said councilmember Chris Parlier.

Some council members are still holding on to the hope that the area could be developed as an entertainment complex. 

But as of Wednesday, the fate of the property is still up in the air.


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