City of Lamont unveils new sign

Posted at 12:40 PM, Jul 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-14 15:40:42-04

Today, Assemblymember Rudy Salas (D-Bakersfield) joined business and community leaders in Lamont for the unveiling of its new city sign. The sign, located near the entrance to Lamont along Panama Road, is blue and emblazoned with yellow letters. There are plans to install lighting and add additional logos for the local clubs and chambers that helped in the effort to find a location for the sign and its placement.


“We are excited for the new upgraded sign and the pride and recognition it brings to the residents of Lamont,” said Assemblymember Salas. “I would especially like to thank outgoing Superintendent Robles from the Lamont Elementary School District and the Greater Lamont Chamber of Commerce for leading the charge to put up the new sign. It is an honor to partner with the Lamont community in showcasing a symbol of the strength and bright future of Lamont.”


“The old Lamont sign had been up on Main Street for about 50 to 60 years and continued to deteriorate as time went by,” said Ricardo Robles, former Superintendent of Lamont Elementary School District. “I would drive to work day after day and witness how poorly this sign reflected on the community. Now, this new sign guides people into Lamont with a proud American flag, beautiful mountains, and the rising sun just behind it.”


“The Lamont sign is a symbol of pride, tradition, and hope for a great future,” said Jose Gonzalez, President, Greater Lamont Chamber of Commerce. “The sign welcomes all who want to live and breathe the American Dream no matter where you’re from. Lamont always has its doors open for anyone who wants a new beginning.”


“Lamont is a thriving community that is committed to serving its residents,” said Fredi Casterjon, Vice President, Greater Lamont Chamber of Commerce. “The Lamont sign creates a reminder of the purpose of Lamont to all those that enter and exit the town. This town is committed to improving the quality of life and serving the world through its services and resources.”


The old Lamont sign that was located off Weedpatch Highway near Main Street was torn down. The new sign is in a different location and will be more visible to passing drivers and visitors to the town. It restores visibility and raises awareness for the city of Lamont.

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