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Code Compliance working to clean Kern County

Posted: 12:02 AM, Sep 11, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-11 07:02:19Z

Kern County Code Compliance received a complaint about a home in Oildale. Neighbors said it was an eyesore because it was covered in trash and card boarded up windows.


Code compliance saying they handled the complaint Monday morning and red tagged the property.


Officials will first send out a 14-day notice. After the notice, an inspection takes places and officials decide whether or not to red tag the property.


When a property is red tagged, the owner has 30 days to clean it up and no one can be on the property unless they’re cleaning it.


The Oildale Action Community Team does their best to identify issues in Oildale and find solutions.  The team reported the home in Oildale to Code Compliance.


If you know of a home or an area that is not taken care of, you can call Code Compliance at 862-8603. You can also reach out to The Oildale Action Community Team .