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Community members show up for 23ABC’s annual baby shower

2nd Annual 23ABC Bakersfield Baby Shower
Posted at 4:00 PM, Nov 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-18 20:10:41-05

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — The day is here, 23ABC’s third annual baby shower presented by hall ambulance finally kicked off.

Kern County has shown up! It has been a tough year for lots of people, but people have been donating diapers, baby wipes, formula, sippy cups, and all for a great cause.

The community showed up bright and early this morning to support local families in need.

Along with these veterans, community leaders, like the mayor of Bakersfield Karen Goh, and Sergeant Pair with the Bakersfield Police Department, were present.

Throughout the day people from all over the community trailed in, most just driving through with their donations.

“We take care of each other, so anything I can do for anybody, I’m here,” said community member Robert Thomas.

“I think if we all do what we can. Everyone helps, it shows how blessed as a community we are to pull together and do these worthwhile causes,” said community member Robert Alvarado.

Others who donated have volunteered with some of these organizations before and have seen firsthand what events like this one do.

“A lot of times women lose their voice, and they don’t have anyone advocating for them, so it is important that we step up as a community. To help them. You know even if we are not able to advocate, we are able to help them with diapers, or clothing or formula, all of these things are extremely helpful to these women,” said Krista Ader, community member.

Aside from donations for babies, the Bakersfield Recovery Center which helps mothers who are dealing with addiction, is taking in maternity clothes.

“A lot of them have absolutely nothing, literally. Sometimes the clothes on their back if they have that. Sometimes they are from the hospital, and they just have a hospital gown. Many of them are homeless, many of them come from the streets, they have been trafficked,” said Andrew Laird, Outreach and Program Support Coordinator of Bakersfield Recovery Center.

He adds, by helping these mothers, they are setting up the baby for success as the mother has one less thing to worry about and can focus on her baby.

These items are often expensive and there are several mothers and fathers in Kern County struggling to afford this necessity.

That is why those donating often applauded that this is a local effort for the local community.

“I think the beauty of this specific event is that all of the things that are donated today will go back to the women here in Kern County. We have such a compassionate heart that wants to help and sometimes people don’t know where to give and so this is the perfect opportunity to give to our own communities,” said Vivian Cao, District Director for Senator Shannon Grove.

Well, the donations received today will go to the Mission at Kern, the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center, and the Bakersfield Recovery Services, who will then distribute the items to these families in need.