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Community members canvass Bakersfield alongside Tatiana Matta

Posted at 4:23 PM, Sep 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-02 19:23:23-04

Dozens of community members hit the streets Saturday morning, knocking on doors, and speaking to people about the democratic candidates seeking office in this upcoming election.


“We want to make sure people come together and start talking about these elections, start thinking about who they’re going to be voting for and to let folks know that their vote is important,” said the Director of Kern County Democratic Engagement Project, Neel Sannappa.


The volunteers canvassed many streets, left behind information and also got to know their community members.


“A lot of people will not vote because their doors are not knocked,” said Sannappa.

“But if someone has a face to face interaction with someone that is giving up their Saturday to go and knock on doors to make sure that their community is better, it’s more likely that that person will listen.”


Along with them was 23rd Congressional District Candidate, Tatiana Matta.


“The most exciting thing about a campaign is just door knocking, phone banking and connecting with people who just have things to say,” said Matta.


And as someone running for office she believes this is an important piece to the process.


“We need to identify that and the only way of knowing what you’re going to do and how you’re going to serve is by listening to people,” said Matta.


She says that is what she plans to do, one door at a time. Trying to get people to the ballots this November who usually don’t make it.


Matta is running against Congressman Kevin McCarthy who has held office since 2013.  


“There’s a lot of apathy in the U.S., but mostly in Kern County. Those in Kern County do not vote. We historically don’t vote and we need to make sure that we start changing that if we want to better our community,” said Sannappa.


The election is on Nov. 6.