Coroner's office: Farm worker died of natural causes

Posted at 8:50 AM, Aug 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-02 21:26:17-04

The Kern County Coroner's Office has confirmed that a 60-year-old woman, Galdina Perez Alvarez, who was thought to have died of heat-related issues, actually died of natural causes. 

The coroner's office says the woman had a heart condition.

Even after hearing this report, The United Farm Workers is saying that they are still investigating what other factors led to her death. 

Union officials have also said that they are looking into the possible deaths of three other workers, even though they say they cannot confirm any other their deaths. 

Armando Elenes is the Vice President of United Farm Workers and he says that they are, "sounding the alarm" on all of the employers who are not abiding by the law. 

"What they've shared that stood out to us is that there wasn't enough shade. That is what they were complaining about. That there wasn't enough shade for the crew, and people were taking cover under the vineyards, people were trying to take cover under cars." 

Cal-OSHA says that they are still investigating only the one death of Perez, and are looking into any work place safety standards that any have been violated. 

23ABC is not naming the company that we are told Perez worked for. We have tried reaching them several times but have not heard yet heard back. 

We will continue to press the U.F.W and the Kern County Coroner's Office for any details on any potential victims of the heat.