County Clerk Elections Office warns that voting more than once will be reported

Posted at 11:23 PM, Oct 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-20 02:23:14-04

Voter fraud is always a major concern during election season.

One Bakersfield man said he's never had problems voting with an absentee ballot until this year when he received two.

Anthony Swen has lived in Bakersfield his entire life and has always had to vote absentee.

“We're in an area where we have to vote absentee and my daughter, her mom, and I all got our ballots in on Friday,” said Swen.

Last week when he picked up the mail he counted three absentee ballots, one for each member of his household.

Little did he know a few days later he would receive another.

“I went and checked the mail on Monday and I had another ballot in my name,” said Swen. “So now I've got two of them.”

Swen said this is the first time he's heard of something like this happening, leaving him full of questions.

“So I wonder which ballot do I vote with. I haven't looked close enough to see if they both have the same numbers on them,” said Swen. “Or do I destroy one and vote with one or do I turn it in?”

A spokesperson from the County Clerk Elections Office said, "If someone should receive two ballots, they should only vote one ballot and destroy the other. It gives them instructions on the envelope about attempting to vote more than once.”

The elections office also said this type of thing can sometimes happen if a person moves or re-registers.