Court documents detail relationship between Franco Ochoa and victim, including night of torture

Posted at 12:44 PM, Aug 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-16 21:20:50-04

Court documents released Wednesday detail the night a woman was tortured before her apartment was set on fire.

Documents show that Franco Ochoa and his wife, Amaila Lopez, moved themselves into an apartment that the victim was living in.

The documents say the victim told investigators that Ochoa kicked the victim's cousin out of the apartment before moving his wife in.

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Documents say the victim told investigators that Ochoa abused her several times, including throwing a pepperoncini bottle at her. The victim added that Ochoa ordered Lopez to abuse her as well and told investigators that Ochoa told her she could not leave the home.

On June 24th, police say Ochoa used a sword to strike the victim several times. The victim suffered severe injuries, including to her hands.

The victim told investigators that Ochoa and Lopez went through her belongings and took several items of hers before they lit the apartment on fire. The victim said she suffered several burns because Ochoa had placed a wall powder substance on her.

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The victim says she was able to escape through a window and laid outside the apartment for several hours before a neighbor helped her.

Ochoa and Lopez were later found in Oxnard and are now facing multiple felony charges, including attempted murder and torture.