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Crimson Renewable Energy opens new facility in southwest Bakersfield

“The second dirtiest spaces in the nation.”
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Posted at 4:36 PM, Apr 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-14 20:24:07-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — Kern County reached a milestone in biodiesel production.

Crimson Renewable Energy unveiled its newly completed expansion project in southwest Bakersfield making the company the largest producer of ultra-low carbon biodiesel in the western United States.

This expansion added 13 million gallons of production capacity, which will allow the facility to produce almost 50 million gallons of ultra-low carbon biodiesel moving forward.

“We are in one of the second dirtiest spaces in the nation.”

Kern County is a leader in oil production across the state but because of the number of pollutants in the air there was a vision to change production for the environment. Crimson Renewable Energy’s new plant looks to do just that.

“We all believe in this common vision that we’re making a difference in the world around us,” said Harry Simpson, President & CEO of Crimson Renewable Energy.

Simpson said the facility is focused on providing cleaner-burning fuels using ultra-low carbon biodiesel.

“We can produce more than 50 million gallons a year that's like planting 3.8 million trees and taking 108,000 cars off the road.”

To make that special blend, “Crimson uses a variety of oils and fats like this used cooking oil and brown grease and through production, this will turn into low-carbon biodiesel.”

“We collect used cooking oil from Seattle all the way to San Diego and we have over 25,000 locations we collect from,” said Simpson.

Once the oil, fats, and grease are collected from business partners like fast food restaurants, universities, sports arenas, and grocery stores, about 16 trucks transport it to the Bakersfield production plant every day.

“The used cooking oil comes in, and we refine it in the biodiesel,” said Simpson.

After the oil is refined, trucks like this will fill up and take it to local gas stations.

Simpson said Crimson spent tens of millions of dollars building this new ultra-advanced biodiesel plant with help from the state and others. They also add that biodiesel has economic, health, and environmental benefits.

“The fuels that we produce here, result in a carbon reduction anywhere from 80% to almost 90% compared to petroleum fuels.”

Crimson said it's excited to be a contributor to cleaner-burning fuel.