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CSUB students demand refund after not having hot water in dorm for two weeks

Posted at 1:18 AM, Oct 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-26 04:18:17-04

BAKERSFIELD,Calif. — Students at CSU Bakersfield are speaking out after they were left without hot water for almost two weeks and now are asking the administration for a refund.

Tanyyah Hood is receiving her Masters at CSUB and runs an organization on campus called Students for Quality Education.

She has created a petition asking CSUB to compensate students for their time living in a dorm without hot water.

“If the problem is not affecting you there is not a sincere understanding for them,” said Hood. “It may seem like ‘ok you should be patient and we are working with you’, but to not have hot water for two weeks is a different story from students."

23ABC has learned hundreds of students who live in Juniper Hall had been without hot water from October 5-23.

According to campus officials, on Wednesday, the hot water was restored to the entire housing complex.

Also, crews are still adjusting water temperatures. To some students, this wasn't enough.

"To now hear that students are paying tuition and to hear that they're experiencing not having hot water I just think it's inhumane," Hood said.

CSUB officials stated the cause of the water issue is due to an equipment malfunction.

Also, they are working with students to ensure they have access to warm showers and that their comments are being heard.

"I have paid over $2,000 this semester and to not have hot water it isn’t right," said A’Jay Klyce, a student at CSUB. "And we have to get transported to the gym at night to take hot showers. They are basically community showers now it's nasty, dirty and hair is everywhere."

23ABC spoke with crews today working on the issue and they said it is somewhat fixed, but they will need to order another part.

Campus officials added that there are expected issues in the repairs, but are working to complete them quickly.

Karina Young who lives in the Juniper Hall feels that CSUB is being proactive with the different showering options and she hasn’t mind the cold water.

Young says that the petition for compensation is unnecessary and students may be overreacting.

"I think it's very idiotic to try and protest and get compensation for something that was not fixed for [just] two weeks," said Young. "You still have functioning water, it's just cold it's not like it was completely shut off."

Students shared at one of their community meetings that they will continue to push this issue until the water has been fully restored and remain hopeful for compensation.

"I want this to be a place of education and I want this to be a sincere place for students," Hood said. "I want students to have a quality experience and the things that have been going on campus have been unfair."