Customers help Oildale cafe after break-ins

Posted at 1:50 PM, Dec 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-24 02:58:24-05

The Old West Café in Oildale has dozens and dozens of faithful customers some of which are stepping up during their time of need.

The Ramirez family has been operating the café for about 10 years. Martin Ramirez worked as a chef there before he purchased the café.

Sometime early Wednesday morning thieves hopped over a back gate and kicked open the storage room door, walking off with over $1000 in equipment and food supplies.

This is the third break-in this year and the owners still can't wrap their heads around why the thefts are continuing to take place.

"We love this community and our customers are like family. I specifically chose to open my business here in Oildale because this is where I grew up," said Martin Avila Ramirez.

The news of the recent break-in has come as a shock to one customer who stops here to eat at least five days a week.

"it's sad that we have a class of people that would steal from people who are probably in the same boat there in, struggling to make a living to feed their families." said Robert Blalock

Some of their customers are offering to fix the damage and beef up to security by reinforcing the storage room doors. 

The owners are now planning to install security cameras to deter future break-ins.