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CVS pulls Enfamil product nationwide

Posted: 6:50 PM, Aug 30, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-30 21:50:59-04

As of now, CVS says that this is a nationwide review and note that they have not found any problems in California stores.


CVS also says that they have blocked all sales of the item in the register system, in case the product was not removed from stores.


And it is only powdered products that were removed. Families can still purchase other Enfamil products at a CVS store as well as other brands.


Enfamil wants to reassure families that this was an isolated incident and they will continue to sell elsewhere while CVS conducts its review.


Enfamil says they are cooperating with the investigation and want to remind families to check the appearance of Enfamil packages and the label for any tampering before buying.


They also say that if a family has any questions or concerns about its product, to call 1-800-BABY123.


They say they are more than happy to replace or exchange the product.


CVS says that they expect to resume sale of the Enfamil powder product by this weekend.