Daughters remain hopeful one year after their mom Tessie Mangohig went missing from Delano

Posted at 1:54 PM, Apr 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-30 02:54:12-04

It has been one year since Tessie Mangohig, 64, was reported missing from her home in Delano. 

Mangohig's daughters are still hopeful that one day, they'll be able to find their mom. 

"It's been really tough," said Anna Djukic, one of Mangohig's three daughters. "We're still dealing with the same questions that we had when she first disappeared."

Mangohig remains an active missing person.

In the days following Mangohig's initial disappearance, large search parties walked through fields and along highways in hopes of tracking her down. 

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However, because Mangohig has Alzheimer's detectives have said it may be harder to track her down. 

“It’s more likely that she will not approach someone to report herself missing and she may be afraid, she also has panic attacks, so in an environment where there’s a lot of traffic or a lot of people she may be unable or unwilling to ask for assistance," said Detective Larcellus Scott said in an interview last year. 

Her daughters are now looking for answers. They want to know where their mom has been for the last 365 days. 

Kathyren Dugenia, another one of Tessie's daughters, said Easter 2016 was the last holiday she spent with her mom.

"This past Easter [2016] was pretty hard on me because that's probably going to be the last time that I'll see her," said Dugenia. 

Mangohig is described as four feet, eleven inches tall and around 100 pounds. She was last seen wearing a black jacket and khaki colored pants. The family said they will continue to follow every lead no matter how near or far. 

"As hard as it is, we never lose hope," said Luzianne Fernandez, one of Mangohig's daughters.

If you see Tessie Mangohig you're asked to stay with her or keep her in sight and contact 911 or the Delano Police Department at 661-721-3369.