Day 13 of the Sabrina Limon trial begins Thursday

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UPDATE (September 28, 2017 4:10 p.m.): Sabrina Limon took the stand earlier today during the trial. 


Terry, the defense began questioning Sabrina Limon.


Terry: “How old were you when you got marred to Rob?”

Limon: “20”

Terry: “Was he a good man?”

Limon: “He was a great man”


Terry: “Was there something about that community you guys liked?”

Limon: “I’d say it was the happiest place on the high desert.”


Terry: “Over time did your and Rob’s marriage change in some way?”

Limon: “It did.”


Terry: “And do you recall approximately when things began changing in your relationship?”

Limon: “I do”

Terry: “And when was that?”

Limon: “In about 2008.”


Terry: “And how did your relationship with Rob change?”

Limon: “We opened our marriage and changed the dynamic of our sacred bond.”


Terry: “Did you and Dale become somewhat involved in an emotional relationship?”

Limon: “Yes we did, they had problems prior to meeting Rob and I so they already had a rocky relationship and it just got worse for them and I became who Dale found to confide in and depend on that would listen to him and it was an emotional relationship.”


Terry: “At some point did Rob have you cut off the relationship with Dale?”

Limon: “Yes”

Rob: “Why did that occur?”

Limon: “Because Rob didn’t want anyone else to know that we opened up our marriage with them.”


Terry: “Did someone come to your home and talk about your open relationship with Dale and Nicole?”

Limon: “Her name was Cory.”


Terry: “Was there some sort of unwritten rule between you and Rob that you’d ever discussed that you’d opened up your marriage?”

Limon: “Yes”


Terry: “Did you after, whatever conversation between you and your husband did you cut off the relationship with you and Dale?”

Limon: “Yes”

Terry: “Were you told to cut off the relationship between you and Dale?”

Limon: “Yes”


Terry: “Was it only couples involved in this, was there any single people involved with any sexual relationships with you and Robert?

Limon: “No not really”


Terry: “Did you feel at that point your relationship with Rob had become overly fixated on sex with rob?”

Limon: “Yes.”

Terry: “Let me ask you this, were you?”

Limon: “Yes”


Terry: “What was he wearing?” (speaking about Jonathan Hearn when they first met.)

Limon: “He was wearing a fire department shirt.”


Terry: “Do you remember what you and he talked about that first time you met him?”

Limon: “I asked him if he knew Jason.”


Terry: “Did you give him your phone number that first time you met him?”

Limon: “No”


Limon: “He had seen me a few other times in the store.” 

Terry: “Did you eventually give him your phone number?”

Limon: “Yes I did”

Terry: “Why?”

Limon: “There was a Halloween party we were going to and I had mentioned we were going to this party, I asked him if he knew this couple that was having the Halloween party.”


Limon: “We’d meet at certain places, and more private places, we’d get together for coffee and just talk.” (Limon said about her Hearn)

Terry: “What would you talk about?”

Limon: “In the beginning it was pretty simple.”

Terry: “Life, and about your kids?”

Limon: “Sure”

Terry: “You’d talk about your husband much?”

Limon: “Yes”


Terry: “How long after you and he began talking was it you and he got involved in a sexual relationship?”

Limon: “I can’t remember exactly how long, maybe 4 month, 3 months don’t remember exactly.”


Terry: “What attracted you to Jonathan Hearn?”

Limon: “At first there was nothing that attracted me to him, but over time he’s very smart, his words, the way that he spoke to me he was like nobody I’d ever met before.”


Terry: “Why did you become involved with Jonathan in initially an emotional or an extramarital affair, why did you do that why did you become involved in that?”

Limon: “There’s no right answer to say that, I don’t know. The attention that he pursued on me, the attention he showed was very different than anything I’d ever, or what I was getting at that moment, that time in my life.”


Terry: “Did Jonathan indicate to you or during the course of your relationship some feeling of guilt over the relationship the two of you were involved in?

Limon: “Did he feel guilt, guilty? Yes.”


Terry: “Did you continue to see Jonathan after Robert told you not to?”

Limon: “Yes”

Terry: “Why?”

Limon: “I wish I knew why, I cant, I cant say why. Jonathan came back into Costco but it wasn’t just his fault I was away at that time and I guess just addicted to his attention. “


Terry: ”Did Rob ever ask you why you were seeing him, or what the reason was for why you were seeing him?”

Limon: “Yes”


Terry: “Did you indicate to Rob that there was something about Jonathan that met your needs?”

Limon: “Yes”


Limon: “Did Rob have issues with being willing to seek help in that area?”

Limon: “Yes”

Terry: “Was it something that he was against?”

Terry: “Did Rob have a problem with counseling in general?”

Limon: “He didn’t wanna go to counseling”


Terry: “On one hand you were living the fantasy of a perfect marriage with Robert and a future with Jonathan?”

Limon: “Yes I guess so. I played into dreams and ideas and thoughts and life with this guy but had a life of my own as well so it was hard to explain today, that’s for sure.”


Terry: “In your mind, the best of both worlds?”

Limon: “Yes I had the best of both worlds, but not really.”


Limon: “I couldn’t imagine my life without Rob.”

Terry: “Why?”

Limon: “Because I loved him”


Terry: “Why were you guys communicating via Gmail?”

Limon: “So Robert wouldn’t see, wouldn’t find messages.”


Around noon the court broke for lunch break. After the break, Parker Smith, a friend of Jonathan Hearn took the witness stand. 


Terry: During the time you knew Jonathan was he a fairly devote Christian?

Parker: “Yes sir.”


Terry: “Did you know that Jonathan was involved in a relationship with Sabrina Limon?”

Parker: “Prior to the death of Robert Limon,  no sir”


Terry: “You weren’t really aware of the extent of the relationship?

Parker: “No sir”


After Terry finished questioning Parker Smith, the prosecutor began questioning him. 


Prosecutor Smith: “How frequently would you speak about her to or with Jonathan?”

Parker: “Not very often it wasn’t a topic I liked to speak about, I knew she was married.”

The prosecutor showed various cell phone records, and finished questioning Parker Smith who was then asked to step off the witness stand. Sabrina Limon was asked to move back up to the stand. She was once again questioned by the defense. 


Terry: “Did anything occur as you were leaving?”

Limon: “We’d had a lot to drink so…”

Terry: “What happened?”


Limon: “Uh, flashing and misbehaving.”

Terry: “Was it you or somebody else in your party?”

Limon: “It was Kelly.”

Terry: “Did she do that when she had had a little bit too much to drink?”

Limon: “Yes”


Terry asking Limon about what she and Hearn emailed each other about.


Terry: “Did you know anything about Jonathan researching about arsenic poisoning?”

Limon: “No”



Terry: “Did you know he was planning on putting arsenic poisoning on your husband?”

Limon: “No”



Terry: “Did he ever in March, April, May, June or July of 2014 did he ever provide you with any vanilla wafer banana pudding to give to Robert?”

Limon: “No”



Terry: “Did you know he was researching how long it would take to get a life insurance settlement?”

Limon: “No”



Terry: “Now in 2014 you sent Jonathan the valentines card, you remember seeing that?”

Limon: “Yes”

Terry: “And you talked about having a future with him what did you mean by that?”

Limon: “Today I don’t know what I meant by that, but then I was just caught up and dreaming with,  I guess in a fantasy state of mind I guess.”



Terry: “Now in March of 2014 did Robert come across the Gmail communications between you and Jonathan?”

Limon: Um, in March, um he had come across them I cant remember exactly when that was but he had come across them yes.



Terry: “Again why go back to seeing this man when you know your husband doesn’t want you to?”

Limon: “I don’t know”



Terry: “Was there something that he provided you with that you felt you weren’t getting from your husband?”

Limon: “Well looking back today there was obviously a void I guess for me and at this time Jonathan had definitely played into bringing this whole new light of I’m gonna say guilt into my mind and into my heart just like how things were going on the party end of my life and he would pray with me and be very just caring and um spiritually focused…”



Limon: “At that time what did Gods purpose mean?”

Terry: Yes.

Limon: “Um, I guess I wanted to find God more than I had had been.”



Terry: “Did you feel at that time somewhat spiritually adrift.”

Limon: “Absolutely“



Terry: “Was Rob interested in pursuing this path with you?”

Limon: “No, rob was very busy with work and he was happy with how we were living and it didn’t tie in with to church or anything like that.”



Terry: “Were you telling him how to locate Roberts workplace on that day?

Limon: “No.”



Terry: “And you talked about the kids on occasion?”

Limon: “We talked about the kids on occasion, always.”



Terry: “Throughout the summer of 2014 were you and Jonathan still using the burner phone to speak with one another?”

Limon: “The summer of 2014? Yes .”



Terry: “Did you talk to him and send him text messages on the daily basis?”

Limon: “Yes I did”



Terry: “What did you guys talk about?”

Limon: “We’d talk about everything, anything”



Terry: “Everyday life?”

Limon: “Yes”



Terry: “Were you feeling guilty about your affair with Jonathan?”

Limon: “Yes I would.”

Terry: “But you continued with it anyways?”

Limon: “Yes”



Terry: “Were you in love with Jonathan Hearn?”

Limon: “Yes”

Terry: “Did you still love your husband”

Limon: “Yes I did”



Terry: “Were you wanting to give up your life with Robert to be with Jonathan?”

Limon: “No”

Terry: “Why not?”

Limon: “I had the best of both worlds right there, I guess I didn’t wanna give up either one of them.”



Terry: “Now the morning of August 17, 2014, the day Robert was killed. You called Jonathan after he left?”

Limon: “Yes that was normal happenings.”



 Terry: “Did you text him or call him after you found out about rob being killed?”

Limon: “After I found out about Robert, such a blur, I know that I did text him and let him know what had happen but throughout all these text messages that were recorded so many…”



Terry: “What did you do when you were told Robert had been killed?”

Limon: “What did I do? I dropped to my knees and started crying.”

Terry: “Do you remember talking to Detective Meyer early in the morning hours of August 18th when he called you at home?”

Limon: “After I heard, yes I do”



Terry: “Did you and Jonathan at all that day talk about killing Robert?”

Limon: “No”



Terry: “Were you aware at that time that Jonathan had killed Robert?”

Limon: “No”



Terry: “After Robert had passed away did you, were you the one that began the process of having his life insurance taken care of?”

Limon: “I’m sorry say that again”

Terry: “Were you the one that contact life insurance about Robert’s death?”

Limon: “No”

Terry: “Your sister took care of that?”

Limon: “Julie did”



Terry: “Did you talk to anyone abut a settlement at BNSF?”

Limon: “Everybody was around, BNSF workers would say things to me but that wasn’t a topic of conversation of anything I had ever brought up…”



Terry: “Now you sold the house up in Silverlakes is that right?”

Limon: “Yes”

Terry: “When did you sell that house?”

Limon: “After all of this had come out and there was media exposure, it changed our life for ever obviously so I needed to relocate Robbie and Leanna.”



Terry: “Now when you sold the house up in Silverlakes did you make any money off of i?”

Limon: “About $17,000 was the profit.”

Terry: “Now what did you do with that money?”

Limon: “I paid off my car”



Terry: “Did you purchase your residence in Camarillo?”

Limon: “No”

Terry: “You’re renting it?”

Limon: “Yes”



Terry: “Is that money you get is that going into the kids savings or are you using that to live on?”

Limon: “To live on, it’s expensive to live out there.”



Terry: “Now on the day that Robert was killed, in the afternoon were you texting Jonathan or calling him and he wasn’t responding?”

Limon: “On the 17th?”

Terry: “Yes ma am”

Limon: “Was I calling him?

Terry: “Yes”



Terry: “Do your recall some of the things you were doing that day?”

Limon: “I was getting Robbie and Leanna ready for the first day of school, and kinda unwinding from the weekend and getting the kids things ready for the next day. “



Detective Meyer asked Limon is she was involved in extramarital affairs, she said no and says she was embarrassed and her and Robert didn’t want that exposed.



Terry: “Were you trying to protect your husband’s reputation somehow?”

Limon: “Yes, and my own, because that’s not how I wanted Rob to be know at all. “



Terry: “We’ve heard a lot about these conversations, there were a number of times you were talking to Jonathan about information you were getting about Detective Meyer do you remember that?”

Limon: “Yes”



Terry: “Why were you talking to Jonathan about the investigation?”

Limon: “He, in the very beginning, wanted to know  everything, he wanted to know everything that was going on. I trusted him.”



Terry: “You believed in him or did you believe him?”

Limon: “I believed in him, and I did believe him because I didn’t want to believe that Jonathan had anything to do with Robert’s murder.”



Terry: “Was that because you loved him?”

Limon: “Yes”



Terry: “Did you based on those conversations ever begin to have some doubts on if Jonathan was involved in Robert’s death?”

Limon: “There were times that it felt weird, things he was saying or acting but I didn’t wanna believe that was true or possible.”



Terry: “What do you do when its something you don’t feel comfortable with or frightens you what’s your typical response?”

Limon: “I block it out, I had a lot of responces of how I dealt with things back then, I would just not really deal with it.”



Terry: “Did Jonathan ever ask you to talk to him about the case?”

Limon: “Yes”



Terry: “Did he make you feel like you shouldn’t trust Detective Meyer and what he was doing?”

Limon: “Yes he did”




The Sabrina Limon trial continues for Day 13. Sabrina and Robert's children took the stand this morning before Sabrina's attorney asked her to take the stand.


UPDATE (Sept. 28, 9:08 a.m.): Sabrina Limon's attorney opens up the courtroom with a motion that there is lack of sufficient evidence in this case, on all counts. Her attorney claims there is lack of sufficient evidence heard at time of close of defense case.


Richard Terry, Limon's attorney, calls Sabrina and Robert's daughter to the stand. 


“Do you know the difference between telling the truth and telling a lie?” Terry asked.


Leanna Limon answered “Yes”.


Terry continues his questioning.


Terry: Leanna What’s your relation to Sabrina limon?

Leanna: I love her.

Terry: Is she a good mom?

Leanna: Yes

Terry: Does she do everything she can to protect you so you don’t get hurt?

Leanna: Yes

Terry: Who was your dad?

Leanna: Rob

Terry: Was that Robert Limon?

Leanna: Yes

Terry: Is your dad no longer with us?

Leanna: Yes

Terry: Was your dad a good dad?

Leanna: Yes

Terry: Did you guys take trips?

Leanna: Yes

Terry: Where did you go?

Leanna: Sometimes to Arizona

Terry: Did your mom and dad, did they appear to get along

Leanna: Yes

Terry: Did you ever feel like they didn’t want to be together anymore?

Leanna: No

Terry: Turn your attention to the night you found out your dad had been hurt, do you remember that night?

Leanna: Yes

Leanna: Had just gotten in bed when found out dad had been hurt

Terry: Did something happen that made you get out of bed

Leanna: I heard my mom screaming and rob and I got out of bed to go see…

Terry: Was she on the floor?

Leanna: Yeah

Terry: Was she crying or screaming?

Leanna: Yes

Terry: Did they actually tell you or your mom that your dad had been killed that night?

Leanna: They didn’t tell me.

Terry: Did you mom finally get up off the ground?

Leanna: My aunt helped her.

Terry: Sometime after your dad passed away did you meet a friend of your mom's named Jon?

Leanna: Yes

Terry: Did you your mom and your brother do things with Jon?

Leanna: Sometimes

Terry: Did he come over to your house

Leanna: Yes


Leanna tells a story about a beach trip the family went on. Leanna explains how she got sand in her eye, and Jon tells her to stop whining.


Terry: Jonathan told you to stop whining?”

Leanna: Yeah


Terry: Did you think Jonathon was a good guy?

Leanna: No


Terry: Do you miss your mom?

Leanna: Yes


Sabrina and Robert's son Robbie was then called to the stand to testify.


Terry: Before your dad passed away, died, did you and your dad do things together?

Robbie: Yeah

Terry: What kind of things did you guys do together?

Robbie: He took me on the boat, and we would snorkel on the river,.

Terry: Was he a good guy, your dad?

Robbie: Yeah he was

Terry: How often would you guys go out on the boat and the river?

Robbie: Every summer

Terry: Did you and your sister and your mom go to church?

Robbie: Yes

Terry: Did your dad go with you?

Robbie: No cause most of the times he had to go to work

Terry: Do you remember what you were doing when you got home from your friends house that day?

Robbie: I took a shower and got ready for bed

Terry: Did something startle you to come out of your room?

Robbie: Leanna had come to my room and said my mom was crying on the ground

Terry: Where was your mom?

Robbie: On the porch crying

Terry: Did you know that your dad had been, was dead at that time?

Robbie: No

Terry: After your dad was killed, did you meet a friend of your mom's named Jon?

Robbie: Yes

Terry: What did you and your mom and your sister do with Jonathan?

Robbie: He'd take us on like hikes and one time he took us to the beach

Terry: Did he discipline you? Try to tell you what to do?

Robbie: Yea

Terry: How did you react to that?

Robbie: I didn’t cause he was older than me, so I just did what he told me to do

Terry: Did he ever talk about guns with you?

Robbie: He did a couple times.

Terry: Did you like Jonathan

Robbie: I mean, yeah

Terry: Do you think that your mother would ever do anything where you could be harmed?

Robbie: Never

Terry: Do you think she would ever intentionally place you in any kind of danger?

Robbie: Never


Attorney Richard Terry finishes questioning the children. Sabrina's sister Julie Cordova is called to the stand.


Terry: Did they seem to have a good marriage, a very happy marriage?

Julie: Yes it seemed so

Terry: Were they partiers?

Julie: Yes

Terry: And that was even after leanna was born?

Julie: Yes

Terry: At some point did you become aware, rob and Sabrina had opened their relationship?

Julie: Yes

Terry: How did you go about becoming aware Sabrina and robs relationship had changed?

Julie: I'd see Kelly take off her shirt…

She would strip down naked id seen that a couple of times with Kelly.

“They drank a lot and I was concerned about her drinking so much”

Terry: Based on your observations, how did Sabrina deal with things that were difficult for her?

Julie: She would tend to not talk about it, it’s kinda the way I am and if you don’t talk about it, it doesn’t really exist.

Terry: Were you aware that she was involved in an extra marital affair with Jonathan Hearn?

Julie: No

Terry: Did she ever mention Jonathan Hearn?

Julie: No

Terry: On August 17th, when rob was killed, did Sabrina call you?

Julie: Yes

Terry: When you arrived what were her emotions

Julie: Oh she was a mess, she was crying and screamin…

I held her hand and I rubbed her head.

Terry: Did you stay there that night with your mom, your dad, and Sabrina?

Julie: I did not.

Terry: After Roberts death, who was helping, or did anyone help Sabrina deal with the life insurance and the railroad

Julie: Yeah I did.

Julie said Kelly (friend of Sabrina Limon and Jonathan Hearn) kept trying to help with the life insurance. “This is private stuff, she doesn't’t need to be involved”


Defense asked Julie if Sabrina is “about money”.

Julie: She has helped my son with student rob on the other hand he used to like to buy clothes and shoes, and his kids stuff.

Terry: Were you the one who told Sabrina to call BNSF about a settlement claim?

Julie: Yes I did. 

Terry: Did Sabrina want to get a big chunk of money from the railroad? 

Julie: I would tell her brina you have to take cre of these kids and yourself…

Terry: At some point after robs death did you learn that Sabrina was having an affair with Jonathan Hearn?

Julie: No, not until the defense called me.

Terry: Did Sabrina ever specifically tell you that rob and her were involved in an open relationship?


Terry: Did rob at any time indicate to you that they were involved in an open relationship?


Terry: Julie, in your mind would Sabrina ever place her children in danger?

Julie: Absolutely not

Terry: Was she protective of her children

Julie: Very much, as I am, shes an amazing mother, her heart and soul is everything to those children. She took car of my two boys, she has nothing but love love love.




Prosecutor Eric Smith begins interviewing Julie:


Smith asks about Sabrina living in Camarillo prior to her arrest this year.


Smith: What did the house look like on the outside in Camarillo?

Julie: It’s a complex…

Smith: How many stories

Julie: 3

Smith: Would you care to characterize it like a townhome

Julie: I guess…

Smith: Do you know the value of the home?

Julie: I have no idea


The prosecutor begins to talk about what attorney Richard Terry told Julie to tell Sabrina Limon...screaming don't say anything.


Smith: Did you party a lot with Robert and Sabrina?

Julie: No we didn't’t we were there…

Smith: You talked about Sabrina and drinking, how much did she drink? 

Julie: I don’t know but she would get drunk

Smith: Did you see her go and get extra phone?

Julie: No, I did not

Smith: So you never saw her go get a phone out of the bedroom?

Julie: No

Smith: So why would you looking at your nephew and niece, wouldn't’t you want them getting as much as possible?

Julie: Of course I would

Smith: So you told her get as much money as you can

Julie: That’s not what I said…

Smith: The house in Helendale, what happened to that house?

Julie: Sabrina sold it

Smith: Did she give that money away?

Julie: No she put it in the fund for the children

Smith: How much life insurance money did she receive?

Julie: The life insurance was $300,000

Smith: Did you do anything to assist Mrs. Limon in getting those 2 million dollars from BNSF?

Julie: I talked to Dan…

Smith: Well who's taking care of the children now?

Julie: I am

Smith: Who killed Robert Limon as in physically killed him?

Julie: Jonathan Hearn


Richard Terry begins questioning Julie after the defense.


Terry: Are you living in that house with the kids now?

Julie: Yes I'm staying there because Robbie and Leanna do not want to leave..

Julie: Sabrina decided to sell house in Silverlake after arrested and released in 2014

Terry: Was there a lot of negative feelings, that you observed, toward Sabrina?

Julie: Yes, social media was horrible too.