Day 13 of the Sabrina Limon trial starts up for the day

Posted at 9:12 AM, Sep 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-28 13:51:01-04

Day 13 of Sabrina Limon trial began with both of Robert Limono and Sabrina Limon's children up on the stand one at a time. 

Leanna Limon, 10, was the first to take the stand out of the two. Limon's blonde haired daughter wore a colorful printed dress and glasses as she said stepped into the courtroom and up on the stand. 

The defense started off by asking Leanna whether she knew the difference between the truth and a lie, Leanna responded "like if you ask a question and you say ye or no".

"What's you relation to Sabrina Limon?" the defense asked Leanna, "I love her," she responded. 

As Sabrina Limon watched her daughter answer the defenses questions she kpet her eyes on her at all times and began crying at one point. 

The defense asked Leanna about a time when Jonathan Hearn and Sabrina Limon had taken both her and her brother to the beach. Leanna recalled getting sand in her eye and Hearn carrying her onto a rock where she said he told her to "stop whinning". 

Robbie Limon, Sabrina and Robert Limon's 14-year-old son stood on the stand after his sister. He also recalled the time Hearn told his younger sister to "stop whinning" when they had gone to the beach. 

After both children left the courtroom, Julie Cordova, Sabrina Limon's sister took the stand. 

Cordova was asked about the marriage between Robert Limon and Sabrina Limon and whether or not it seemed like a happy one, which she replied "it seemed so".

She was also asked about the amount of drinking her younger sister, Sabrina, did. 

The home Limon lived in after the death of Robert Limon was something that was constantly brought up toward the first part of the trial this morning. Both the defense and the prosecutor asked about what the home in Camarillo looked like on the outside and whether or not she would consider it a nice home. 

Cordova was also asked about what Sabrina was going through one she had been arrested for the murder of her husband and later released, the defense asked if there were "a lot of negative feelings toward Sabrina?" and Julie responded, "yes, social media was horrible too."

The court broke for a brief morning recess.