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December storm brings snow, flooding to Kern County

December Storm 2021, Kern County
Winter Storm, December 2021
Winter Storm, December 2021
Winter Storm, December 2021
Winter Storm, December 2021
Winter Storm, December 2021
Winter Storm, December 2021
Winter Storm, December 2021
Winter Storm, December 2021
Posted at 5:03 PM, Dec 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-14 20:13:26-05

KERN COUNTY, Calif. (KERO) — A winter storm caused some outages in areas across Kern County Tuesday as well as snow and flooding in other areas.

In the area of Southgate Drive and Chester Avenue, it floods every time it rains. But the area is considered an unincorporated area of Kern County. When 23ABC reached out to county officials about the recurring issue the county public works office was unavailable. However, Ally Soper, the communications officer for the Kern County Administrative Office was able to address where you can report this type of flooding.

“Kern County Public Works is so happy to address their needs or any type of storm damage they may see in their neighborhood, so you can go to Kern County Public Works’s website, and online there is a report damage form and residents they can select whatever damage they are seeing such as flooding or potholes, or any time of downed lines or trees in the road.”

The same area also experienced power outages. PG&E spokesperson Katie Allen said its important to be prepared for an outage as a customer.

“As we’re prepared for this winter storm and responded to those potential outages, we want to remind our customers to be prepared as well. And that means having a plan, making sure that you share that with your loved ones and neighbors, having flashlights on hand, fresh batteries."

She added to make sure your cell phone is charged. Another thing you can do is fill up plastic containers with water and put them in the freezer so if you do experience a power outage it can be used to help prevent your food from spoiling in the fridge.

And when it comes to the road in this inclement weather, Doug Shoupe with Triple-A says it’s important to not only prepare yourself but also your car.

“As you would prepare yourself for driving in winter weather conditions, you also want to prepare your vehicle. Make sure you prepare your headlights and your taillights so that they are working properly. You want other drivers to see your vehicle. Make sure you replace your windshield wipers so that they’re not streaking. You want to have a clear view out of your windshield.”

But when it comes to driving in the snow, Shupe says you have to know where chains are required.

“Certainly, you want to make sure you know where the chains are required because you do not want to go into areas that require chains during this winter weather and not have them.”

Sometimes chains are needed in areas where there’s snow, like in Tehachapi. City Manager Greg Garrett said they saw snowfall throughout the city.

“We are always prepared for the snow. However this snowstorm came on quick, so just two hours ago it was raining and then it turned into a wintery mix and now we have maybe 4 or 5, 6 inches in some areas just outside my window.”

Garrett also said if you are looking to come to visit the snow do so when it’s safer to travel.

“Of course we’ll have snow on the ground. I expect to be on the ground for several days because of the temperatures. So come up and have a good time in the snow areas that are open, but certainly don’t try to come up the hill today.”

if you are experiencing an outage Allen said to check their online website to check the status or call their power outage information center at 1-800-743-5002.