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Delano man strikes lottery scratcher gold, wins 10 million dollars

Posted at 11:35 PM, Mar 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-14 02:35:39-04

March 8th was just like any other Thursday for Van's Market manager Olga Revelos, or so she thought. 

Revelos was working the cash register selling what she thought was just another lottery scratcher to another customer, but little did she know one of the California Gold lottery scratcher's she sold would turn into just that, gold, for one frequent customer. 

"I told him 'oh, you are here again, you keep me busy," she said. 

Her customer, who didn't want to be identified bought four $30 scratcher, something Revelos said isn't out of the ordinary. 

The man, taking his time to scratch each ticket and scan them one by one. 

Eventually, Revelos said he scanned his last one and abruptly left the market. 

"He did not tell me he won," she said. 

But Revelos said she didn't find that out until a California Lottery investigator showed up at the market the next day asking questions about a winning ticket, a winning ticket worth $10 million.

Revelos insisted that even though he was the one that walked away with the huge prize, the market is also getting something out of it. 

"I give him luck, he gives us luck," she said.

Hoping not only for the man's well-being but also for one other thing. 

"I hope the winner will not forget me," Revelos said.