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Delano Police Department creating Gun Violence Response Operation after 8th homicide on Wednesday

Posted at 8:21 PM, Oct 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-24 23:21:30-04

DELANO,Calif. — There have been eight shooting-related deaths in Delano this year so far.

Now the Delano Police department is taking action to stop more from happening.

Wednesday night after 11 p.m. 45-year old David Michael Ruiz was killed after being shot multiples times on the corner of Vassar and 7th street.

Just a few feet away from the shooting live Micaela and John Guitterez who have lived in their home for nearly 10 years.

The couple shared that they were in shock to learn that someone was gunned down in their quiet neighborhood.

"We heard what I thought was a series of firecrackers that's what it sounded it like," said John Gutierrez. "Then all of sudden we heard a car go by like at a high rate in speed and we heard the tires squeal."

The Guiterrez’s say that they were in bed when gunshots rung out and ten minutes later officers were knocking at their door.

[We were] afraid, it was a little scary, and we are not used to having that kind of violence in our neighborhood," said Micaela Gutierrez. "We aren’t used to hearing gunshots."

23ABC spoke with officers who were speaking to neighbors about the shooting and the department says that this is the 8th homicide this year.

And four of those shootings that have happened in the last 60 days are unsolved.

As a result, the Delano Police Department says they are taking action.

"I just got done meeting with my commanders and we just put together a Gang Violence Operation," said Robert Nevarez, Cheif of Police for Delano. "And that will be targeting those persons we believe to be involved in violent crime."

Officers say the Gun Violence Response Operation is a result of what they call a trend and these operations will continue until further notice.

"I am happy that they are acting promptly and it may not be proactive because nationally we know that we have a problem with gun violence," Micaela Gutierrez said. "I am glad that they are acting quickly here in Delano before it gets out of hand."

Anyone with information on this shooting please call the Delano Police Department at 661-721-3377.

The department has this message for the Delano community and anyone involved in any kind of violence.

"This will not be tolerated in the city and we will use any resources we have to impact it," Nevarez said.

23ABC reached out to Bakersfield Police Department who say their Gang Unit is very much like what Delano is doing with their new Gun Violence Operation.

Also, if the city sees a spike in gun shootings or gang violence they will add additional resources to the Gang Unit.

As of now, the City of Bakersfield has had 29 cases of shooting deaths, with 32 victims and three cases were double homicides.