Diagnosis helps Bakersfield doctor to better conncect with patients

Regular check-up spots life-threatening disease
Posted at 8:05 AM, Sep 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-14 18:42:09-04
Dr. Upadhyaya has worked as a physician for the past 25 years but two years ago she received news about a diagnosis she's given to her own patients.
"He called me and said my biopsy was positive for cancer, and when I heard that I felt like there was no blood in my body", said Dr. Upadhyaya.
Dr. Upadhyaya says she's had had two or three biopsies within the last three years because doctors thought something there but it always came out negative. "I felt I was being diligent in taking care of me". She says if she wouldn't have gotten those regular check-ups the news could have been much worse.
"It would have probably spread in my lymph nodes and gone directly to my lungs and become a stage four cancer", said Dr. Upadhyaya.
She chose to aggressively attack the cancer and had a bilateral mastectomy but she still lives with a chance of the cancer returning.
"I'm on a medication now which blocks the hormones that can cause cancer. Without it it's about 15% chance, and with it it's 7%. It's never zero it's never zero", Dr. Upadhyaya.
The painful experience has brought the doctor even closer to her patients. "Anybody with breast cancer I'm a little but more sensitive to them and we share the stories". She hopes her story will encourage other women to take action and put their health first.
"The age recommendation for mammograms is 40-50 years old, you should get it every one to two years, and after that every year", said Dr. Upadhyaya.
If you are due for a mammogram you can do it at PINKfest on Saturday, Sept. 17th. Mercy Hospital Southwest's Women's Imaging Center is offering appointments during the event and all during the month of October for only $50.
You can call (661) 663.6429 to make your appointment.
  • Sept.17th.
  • 9 AM - 2 PM
  • Mercy Hospital Southwest, 400 Old River Road
PINKfest will feature:
  •  Free glucose, blood pressure, body fat, cholesterol, & heart screenings
  •  Physician-led seminars
  •  Free massages
  •  Demonstrations
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