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Docs: Victim met up with woman before being robbed on Glacier Canyon Court

Posted: 1:15 PM, Aug 23, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-23 20:33:43Z
Docs detail moments surrounding standoff
Docs detail moments surrounding standoff
Docs detail moments surrounding standoff

Court documents obtained by 23ABC detail the moments surrounding an hours-long standoff on Glacier Canyon Court on Monday. 

According to documents, a victim reported to police that he had just been robbed at gun point at a home on Glacier Canyon Court.

The victim said they were meeting up with a woman, later identified as Alexsus Torrez, at the home. While sitting on a couch two men approached the victim. One had a baseball bat and the other had a semi-automatic gun. They demanded belongings, including car keys, and because the victim feared that they would be beaten or shot, they gave it to them. 

After the suspects left the home in the victim's car, the victim ran from the scene. They were able to call police using someone else's phone. 

Police later found the victim's car on Fountain View Drive, which is near Glacier Canyon Court. The victim's belongings were not in the car. 

According to docs, the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team was surveilling the home on Glacier Canyon Court when they saw a gold pickup truck show up. That's when a black man got out of the truck and ran into the home. 

VCAT followed the truck and pulled it over, making contact with those inside. Those inside said they dropped off "an associate who rarely comes by but asked for a ride."

Those in the truck said the person they gave a ride to left a pair of pants in the truck. Two cell phones were found inside the pants. One of those belonged to the victim. 

Docs show that while conducting surveillance, an Hispanic man matching the description of a suspect was found. Docs say the Hispanic man was not wearing pants and was only wearing boxer briefs. Police believe he was not wearing pants because he left them at a location on Arbor Glen Way. 

Eventually, police and SWAT were called out to the home on Glacier Canyon Court and were involved in a standoff that lasted nearly 8 hours. 


After conducting a search of the home on Glacier Canyon Court, police found seven cell phones, keys, a baseball bat, credit cards and payroll checks.

As of right now, there is probable cause to arrest Alexsus Torres, for robbery, carjacking and conspiracy. Jason Salazar was also identified and wanted for questioning regarding this case.

30-year-old Johnny Edward Matthews was arrested at the scene and has been booked into Kern County Jail for robbery and carjacking.

Another suspect was identified as 42-year-old Guillermo Torrez, who was arrested for an outstanding warrant for violation of probation.