Dog saves family from house fire

Posted at 5:54 PM, Apr 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-10 20:56:13-04
An East Bakersfield family is lucky to be alive tonight - thanks to their four-legged friend.
Last night, Bakersfield fire crews were called to a home on Wilkins Street.
Today, a charred truck, debris is everywhere, and a family home is unlivable.  But, a family of four was woken up to barking, thanks to their family dog, Ruffles.  The daughter of the parents who lost the home doesn’t want her face on camera but Ruffles was ready to grab attention, which saved her mom’s life.  This is what she said.  
"I think that the dog sensed fire and the dog was barking hysterically.  Do to that, she woke up family members like my mom and they were alerted that there was some type of fire and if it wasn’t for the dog they would probably not be here."  
After the dog woke the family up, BPD was called and used Juan Molina's house next door to burst into the burning home to get the family of four out of the house and put out the fire. Here is what he had to say.
"Looking at the flames, I see the flames close to my porch over here.  We were standing outside on the street and the side of the street and i see these men work like nobody’s business. I believe in god and I was praying to save my house.  And my house was saved."
Even though next door at 316 Wilkins street wasn’t able to be saved,  one family is still alive thanks to Ruffles who will earn a few more belly rubs and they are now moving on to a better hope.
Right now the family is staying with my brother until they figure out what will be done with the house, but they are very grateful they are alive and nothing bad happened.
While Ruffles is being treated as a hero, Bakersfield Fire is still investigating what caused the fire in the first place and we will keep you updated online.