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Fairfax School District board member Palmer Moland alleges he was threatened

Posted at 7:49 AM, Aug 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-13 16:57:00-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — On Friday morning allegations of intimidation from Fairfax School District board member Palmer Moland surfaced.

He says he's been threatened in the wake of efforts to recall him from the board.

Moland talked about the threat during public comment Thursday night including people going to his home and destroying cars.

"I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else I hope it doesn't happen to any other parent in this district I hope no other parent has to have a traumatized kid or traumatized family member or family has to be broken up because of something people wanted to take upon themselves," said Moland.

Moland claimed there was an investigation ongoing.

23ABC has not been able to confirm an investigation with law enforcement. The Bakersfield Police Department were unable to locate a record matching the incidents described.

23ABC reached out to the District Attorney's Office and they said they've "monitored the Fairfax issue," but "don’t have a pending investigation."

Moland if you remember was the center of a grand jury report that alleged bullying and misconduct by the Fairfax school board.

A petition was started to recall Moland and other members of the Fairfax school board.