Faith In The Valley Kern announces support of DOJ's investigation of BPD, KCSO

Posted at 4:04 PM, Dec 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-22 23:42:16-05

Faith-based community organization Faith In The Valley Kern announced their support of the California Department of Justice’s decision to investigate local law enforcement in Kern County.

The organization released the following statement:

Over the last couple weeks our city has been in an uproar over the latest victim of the

deadliest police force in the country. The death of Mr. Francisco Serna, once again

brought the national spotlight to our county. Community members, family members who

have lost loved ones to police brutality, and local organizations and saw fit to declare

that our community is in a State of Emergency in regards to police violence. In a press

conference in front of City Council Chambers we called on the California Department of

Justice and the Attorney General’s Office to appoint an independent investigation on the

latest killing and help us deal with our problem with policing.

Faith In The Valley Kern welcomes the announcement of the Attorney General’s and the

CA DOJ’s decision of an investigation on all local law enforcement. For years our

community has been clamoring about the fractured relationship that exists between the

police and the community.

It is clear that the effect of police brutality, deadly force, and officer involved shootings

have left our communities devastated, with no recourse for justice.

We believe that the Attorney General decision is a step in the right direction towards

building trust in our local law enforcement.

We can no longer afford to have anymore of our loved ones be lost at the hands of our


Not one more inmate should lose their life because of excessive force by law


Our immigrant brothers and sisters in our community should not be afraid that the local

law enforcement will act as Immigration Customs and Enforcement officers.

We are asking for the community to come forward with their stories and testimonies in

regards to misconduct by the police, you can email or call

Faith In The Valley Kern at 661.631.9200.