Family, friends remember Jacob Briones

Posted at 1:22 PM, Mar 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-15 18:35:47-04

Hundreds of friends, family and community members came out to remember the life and honor the family of Jacob Briones.

The funeral was held Tuesday morning at Canyon Hills Assemblies of God. Immediately following the celebration of life memorial, a reception was held at the Bakersfield firefighter hall in southwest Bakersfield.

Like any grieving parents, we are just taking one moment at a time right now," said Paul Briones, father. 

The family tells 23 ABC that even though this is the most difficult thing they've ever experienced, the love and support from family and friends has helped with the healing process.

Jacob was an inspiring athlete at Frontier High School who had a bright future.

"My son was an amazing athlete, as many can attest. He was such a beautiful person," said Briones.

Even during the midst of recovering from this tragedy, Briones took time to speak with 23 ABC because he wanted to convey a message of hope to the community.

"In my sons quest to become a better athlete, he took performance-enhancing drugs and combined with the hormones of a 16-year-old, caused him to make a decision that he will never come back from," said Briones.

Briones said he does not want any other father to deal with the pain he's dealing with and is encouraging others to reach out for help if they are dealing with personal pain.

"Please don't put anything unnatural and your body,

and no matter what problems arise in your life, what issues you think you can't deal with, reach out and speak with somebody before it's too late,"said Briones.