Leap Day: A proposal in 2012 and a baby in 2016

Posted at 6:30 PM, Feb 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-29 21:30:15-05

It's pretty rare, in fact only about five million people have a February 29, or "leap day" birthday.

Today 23ABC learned how one of Kern County's leap day babies joined a family with leap day history.

Well the reason leap years even exist are because each year is actually a little bit longer than 365 days, so Americans make up for it with the occasional extra day.

A day that only comes every four years, taking our calendars from 365 days to 366.

And this day is doubly important for the Krigbaum's because four years ago, they got engaged.

“Whenever I purchased the ring, she wasn't supposed to find it. And ended up finding it the day or two early, so it ended up being today four years ago,” said Zakary Krigbaum.

Little did they know that this leap day, their family would grow.

You know it's just complete happiness.     

Baby number two for the Krigbaum's did come a few days past her due date, but it seemed like she was on a mission, for a leap day arrival.

As this day only comes once every four years, the likelihood of being born on leap day is only one of about 1,500, making this dad especially lucky today.

“Every time I see both of them, it's the happiest I've ever felt and it's really difficult to explain. It's kind of...for me it's kind of one of those things that unless you've felt it before, you kind of can't really communicate what it is,” said Krigbaum.

But dad, mom and even the grandparents are still finding plenty of ways to communicate their feelings to their “leapling”.

While deciding on names for their first born and now little Audrey Lynn, they decided to keep things in the family.

“Her names going to be Audrey Lynn Krigbaum. Lynn is my wife's middle name my son has my middle name,” said Krigbaum.

While little Audrey Lynn will only see her actual birth day every four years, mom and dad say they'll still find a way to make a yearly celebration special, hoping to remember the joy she brought to their lives on leap day 2016.

"But yeah it's...Just everything being happy. Happy to see them. And even though it's only been a few hours, you feel like you've known them forever," said Krigbaum.

2020 will mark the next leap day we have, giving us a chance to celebrate the official first birthday of Audrey Lynn and many others born today.