Family remembers man who was punched, died

Posted at 5:24 PM, Feb 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-25 21:33:28-05

The fiancée of Chris Brown, Nicole Jenkins, is remembering Brown as a man who loved his family, always had a big smile on his face and was the glue that held the family together. 

She said, "Everybody that met him loved him."

Jenkins said Brown was a loving father, son, brother, uncle and more. She said he made friends everywhere he went with everyone he met, but most important to him, was his family. 

"His family was his everything, like he couldn't live without them and they couldn't live without him," said Jenkins. 

Jenkins said she was with Brown Saturday night before everything unfolded. She said she had gone to Martini's with Tikea, Brown's sister, and saw Orlando Bailey and Brown together.

Brown immediately went up to Jenkins and started talking. Jenkins said Bailey tried to get Brown to go away from Jenkins, but Brown refused. Jenkins and Brown walked out of Martini's and went into the bowling alley area to talk.

Jenkins said she and Brown were apologizing to each other for the fight earlier in the week, when Bailey walked up to the two and said "Are y'all good?" Jenkins said she and Brown gave him a thumbs up signaling yes. A few moments later Bailey approached the pair again and asked Brown, "What are you doing?" then Bailey pulled out his phone and started recording her and Brown talking.

Brown moved the phone away and it dropped to the floor. Jenkins said that's when Bailey got mad. Jenkins said Brown told her to go back inside Martini's. Jenkins left and headed back in when she saw Tikea, who asked if everything was OK. After that, they saw Brown on the ground. 

She said she was sitting with him until the fire department finally showed up. 

Brown died at the hospital later that night. 

Bailey fled the scene, but was arrested the next day and booked for homicide. He has since been released. 

Jenkins said Brown loved children and had two of his own, an 11 year old son, Damon, and an 8 year old daughter, Kimari. 

She said the family is going to miss his kindness toward others and his positive personality. 

"It didn't matte if he didn't know you, you were going to be laughing and smiling by the time you were done," said Jenkins. 

She said the family will carry on the memory of Brown as an artistic, positive, family oriented man. 

"He will be remembered that way because we will carry on his legacy. It will never be forgotten. He will never be forgotten," said Jenkins. 

Jenkins said she is disappointed Bailey has been released and thinks this was a senseless crime. She said she will focus on Brown's memory and his funeral services, but hopes justice is served. 

Brown's family has set up a Go Fund Me page which you can find here.