Fathers and sons related or not gathered today hoping to connect and make an impact on each other

Posted at 11:59 PM, Jun 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-19 02:59:23-04

Just a day before Father's Day and men of all ages and even some women gathered for Father Son Day looking to spread a message of encouragement to all.

And today fathers and sons related or not came together to show the impact of positivity and love that can be had in a community, all with hopes of making even the slightest difference.

Whether it was someone speaking from experience, a new rendition of an old favorite, or the small talk shared between guys just hanging out, Wesley Davis III says Father Son Day wasn't just about bringing fathers and sons together, it was also about making the opportunity available to anyone looking for a father figure.

“For young men, young and old alike that might not have had a father figure. Just to create that relationship of male role models for young people and people in general,” said Davis.

And Davis says relation doesn't matter, just being able to bring men together with the goal of change and positivity is a step in the right direction with hopes of making a difference.

“Today we had about 10 kid that didn't have fathers in their picture, connecting and exchange phone numbers and sign commitments to be a mentor for that person for a year, so positive relationship building,” said Davis.

As a biological father and a mentor, Alan Woods believes even the smallest difference can have the biggest change.

”’Each one, teach one’ is my slogan. So it's highly important that we train and we show other kids how to become the productive men in society that we all would be proud of,” said Woods.

An idea that demon level says has helped shape fathers young and old because it gives them the chance to speak with their kids and make a difference at a young age.

“Like they said, you know talking to them, showing them the rights and wrongs in life and just keeping them on the right path,” said Level.

That is why Davis believes related or not, a difference can be made with no words being spoken.

“We truly are imitations of those that are in front of us. So in order to counteract the violence and things people see in the neighborhood, we've got to give a positive,” said Davis.

Today's event was the second time that the Wendale Davis Foundation and 805 Riders have hosted Father Son Day, assuring that this will happen again this time next year.